Doggone Obedience dog walking and training Somerville and Medford ma

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Who we are and What we do

Doggone Obedience is a fully insured dog walking, training, and boarding company servicing Somerville and Medford. We offer 30- and 60-minute group walks to local parks. Dogs are paired into groups based on their size and Temperament.

Our professional dog walkers take pride in providing the best care for your dog by ensuring they maintain a healthy exercise schedule and have opportunities for social interactions. All of our walkers are First Aid, and CPR certified and receive a month of on-the-job training with our lead dog trainer before walking on their own.

What sets us apart from other dog walking companies is what your dog receives on every walk. We do not just walk your dog. Each walk is structured to meet your dog’s needs through Socialization, training, and exercise. We train/reinforce all basic commands during our walks and teach your dog how to socialize with other dogs. 

Our Services

Doggone Obedience Dog Walking and Traini

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"If it wouldn't be for Lori, I would not have a happy dog, and I would probably not have a dog at all. She is the best. My dog is as social and balanced as he is because of her. I don't know what I would do without Lori. She is not only Apollo's dog walker, she is his trainer, advocate, and friend. I think he loves her more then us. When she went on vacation (the first I can remember, and she organized for her clients to be taken care of) he was very depressed. Lori has been my rock for many years now. I can't say enough great things about her."

-Martina S.

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Doggone Obedience Dog Walking and Traini
Doggone Obedience Dog Walking and Traini
Doggone Obedience Dog Walking and Traini
Doggone Obedience Dog Walking and Traini

Doggone Obedience


Dog Walking and Training

Doggone Obedience offers Dog Walking and Training Serves in Somerville and Medford