Boarding Services

Boarding services are offered to our regular walking clients. Giving our clients piece of mind that their dog is in good hands while they are away on vacation or business trips.

We are not a kennel that puts dogs in a kennel for hours on end. Your dog becomes part of our family. During the day they hang out with all their friends and come back to our home to relax with our family after work. Crates are only used for dogs that require them. If you do not crate your dog at home, they will not be crated with us. When you return home, your dog will be happy and tired from a fun getaway to their favorite walker's house. Our clients often say their dogs come home with a fun hangover.


$65 per night (one dog)

$95 Per night (two dogs)

Do you have Cats or other pets at home? We are happy to offer home visits to care for them as well.

$15 per visit (additional $5 for administering meds)

Doggone Obedience Boarding Services.jpg
Doggone Obedience Boarding Services.jpg