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Dog Walking Job Description

**** Please note: You must have a valid drivers licenses, a dependable car with car insurance, and a deep love for dogs to apply for this position! Must also be able to self-manage and must be comfortable walking in inclement weather.****

Job description for Dog Walkers:

  • After being hired, you will go through a week of training with the owner/dog trainer Lori. During this time you will learn how to handle multiple dogs on and off-leash. You will learn how to affectively communicate with dogs and gain a basic understanding of their body language. You will also be asked to take an online CPR class.

  • Even when it is raining and snowing, dogs still need to go out. Depending on how bad the weather is, walks may be shortened. During major weather events such as Nor Esters in both summer and winter walk may be canceled for everyone's safety. The company owner will make that decision the night before and all clients and walkers will be notified. In the Summer when temperatures are above 90 walks are shortened or canceled. In the Winter when temperatures are below freezing walks may be shortened or canceled. The company owner will advise you when walks are to be shortened or if they have been canceled.

  • Once you have completed your week of training you will be given a schedule. We ask that you do not alter the schedule in any way. Dogs will be paired together for group walks based on there energy level and what dogs get along with each other. If you have a solo walk it is just that. Do not add another dog into a solo walk without speaking to the company owner for permission.

  • You will be provided a cover for the back of your car, poop bags, treats/bag and leashes. When you need more supplies or if your car set cover needs to be replaced it is your responsibility to notify the company owner. All supplies are ordered online so don't wait till your out.

  • Some of our clients work from home; Please be aware that even if you don't see the client does not mean no one is home.

  • You should not be on your phone when entering a clients home. During walks we ask that you keep all phone calls short and use a Bluetooth devise so you can maintain control of the dogs.

  • Please remember to put client keys in your pocket when picking picking up and drooping off. Don't set keys down on counters/tables as you may forget to take them and get locked out of the house.

  • Even if you are walking a very friendly dog (most of them are), remember that some of the dogs you will see on the walk are NOT friendly. Keep distance from other dog you may see. This can be done by crossing the street or going up a driveway while the other dog passes. 

  • Dogs are only allowed off leash in designated off leash areas that are completely fenced in. You will be given a list of locations you can use for off leash play. Only dogs that have been approved for off leash play can be taken off leash.

  • Your Salary will be determined when hired. We pay between $22 and $28 per hour depending on your level of experience. Pay raises are given at your one year anniversary.

  • After 6 months of employment you will receive 5 vacation days and 5 sick/personal days. You have one year to use them.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our job application.
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