• Lori Tinkham


When training your dog, it’s important to know what treats he likes and what treats he will do anything to get. Every dog value different types of treats in different ways. Some dogs will work for kibble and other require a standard cookie. Some dogs will do anything for a liver treats but others may require something better like boiled chicken or a piece of hotdog. You will notice your dog may take his time responding to a command when there is a low value treat at play but are quick when you have a high value treat. You should have three different treats each with different levels of value. I use Kibble, Charlee Bears, Liver treats and Hotdogs. Training treats should be small so that your dog isn’t taking to much time to eat it.

What commands require which value treat? When training at home you will use low value treats as there are no distractions. As you change the location of your training and add distractions you will want to increase the value of the treat. For instance, when you start teaching a heel command you will do it in the house and use kibble or a small cookie. Once you go outside you will want to increase the value to a liver treat. The treat needs to be more important to him then sniffing trees and hunting for squirrels.

You can determine what value each treat has by lining them up and seeing which order your dog eats them in. I did this with my dog Luna. She chose Hotdog, Liver Treat, Charlee Bear and sunbed her nose to the kibble.

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