What our clients are saying about us

Martina S.                             

If it wouldn't be for Lori, I would not have a happy dog, and I would probably not have a dog at all. She is the best. My dog is as social and balanced as he is because of her. I don't know what I would do without Lori. She is not only Apollo's dog walker, she is his trainer, advocate, and friend. I think he loves her more then us. When she went on vacation (the first I can remember, and she organized for her clients to be taken care of) he was very depressed. Lori has been my rock for many years now. I can't say enough great things about her.

Roz P.                          

"They have taken my very difficult dog and gotten him to play well with others! They've gone way beyond my expectations."

Sarah R.                            

"Lori brought sanity to our home by working with our pup on her territorial barking. We saw improvements after just one training session. Now, after several more sessions, we have a much calmer dog who loves her training time and has squashed her uncontrollable barking habit. Highly recommended!"

Laura G.                           

"Where to begin! We have used Lori for the whole range of services, including walks, dog park playtime, training, and boarding, for the past 2.5 years. When we got our extremely fearful dog Piper about 3 years ago, we knew we needed someone special to help us out. When we saw Lori at the dog park, we were drawn to and impressed by her demeanor, skill, and manner of interaction with dogs and their people. She was loving and caring with the dogs, but swift with corrections when necessary. Since then, she has been an absolutely essential resource for us with our now two dogs. After our first dog Piper was hit by a car, Lori assisted us every day by giving Piper pain medicine, hand feeding her when she was refusing to eat, helping her out on walks when she was limping, and generally being an incredible help. A few years later, when we brought two surprise puppies home from vacation in the Virgin Islands, Lori was incredibly supportive and provided low-cost walks and play time for the puppies while we got one of them adopted out. She also helped search for adopting families. We ended up keeping one of the puppies, Cinnamon, and Lori was again essential in crate training her after an unfortunate incident with a leather chair. She brought over crates and crate training tools, suggested crate training methods, and even made a recording of herself to play while we were gone to comfort our dog. As a testament to her awesomeness, when we were moving from Somerville, we narrowed down our home search to homes only in Lori's area of service, since we didn't want to lose her! Overall, Lori truly cares about her pack, is extremely responsive and helpful, and goes far above and beyond to help in any way she can. Most importantly, our dogs love her so much and come home tired every day after play time. We can't recommend Lori enough!"

Christopher S.                          

"Lori and her staff are second-to-none - dedicated, helpful and trustworthy. They helped us with our last dog, a chocolate lab and now with our two pit bulls. Honestly, there's nobody else we trust more with our dogs. From walks to obedience training to overnight stays, D.O. is the best"

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